Pomandére was founded in 2008 by Carlo Zanuso.

Carlo, who is both a stylist and an entrepreneur, is the creative heart of Pomandére.
"I bring together two souls in the concept of each collection and in the design of each garment. The first is tailoring, which comes from my trainings in the family business. The attention to detail, the obsessive dedication to the creation of the garment, the inspiration that starts from an embroidery, or from the perfect round shape of a button, the attention to the last touch. The other is the cosmopolitan one of the traveler passionate about furniture and design. There I find again the predilection for the essential, the Nordic taste, but also the need for practicality and the fascination for the Mediterranean and oriental colors, aromas and suggestions of tobacco, ocher, warm earth and strong light that softens in the nuances of the sunset and in the twilight ".